It's Back! International Style Training Camp June 2024


Bookings are now open for our International Style Training Camp 28-30 June 2024! We are so pleased to be welcoming Christian Björklund and the rest of our truly fantastic TEAM back to the club for another International Style Training Camp in June 2024. The team are already hard at work in planning a bigger and better camp for everyone attending.

Once again, the camp will be held across two campus buildings. Blucher Street Campus will be the home of all training sessions and warm ups, whilst Wellington Street will host all meals, rest and recovery. 

Please see our camp programme for more information, including the most up to date coaches line up! We look forward to welcoming everyone to what will be another outstanding training camp at Barnsley TTC! 

High Level Coaching

We are proud to be welcoming Head Coach Christian Björklund back for our camp in June. Christian is one of the top coaches in Sweden with the highest level of Swedish qualifications. He works with players from beginners to elite and is also an educator of coaches in the Swedish Federation. Christian coaches across Europe, and also coaches at the B75 International Table Tennis Training Camp.

What's On?

Breakfast - This is a really important part of the camp. The group gets together for breakfast on day two and three before the camp starts. We will provide players with sufficient breakfast that they serve themselves. Following this we will head into the day of tale tennis!

Group Exercise sessions - Throughout the camp we will be completing lots of different group exercises and drills that will be demonstrated and explained by the coaches. Drills will vary throughout the camp and will cover all core aspects of the game.

Multi Ball - There will be the opportunity to take part in multi ball drills at the camp. Players will work in smaller groups with a coach and will take it in turns to take part in drills, access feedback and watch over some of their video feedback.

Lunch/Evening Meals - We will provide players with good and healthy food that they will be required to eat. The training camp will be physically demanding, it is important that all players eat and rest well ready for the afternoon sessions. All dietary requirements will be sought before the camp starts.

Rest and Recovery - Players will be required to carry out rest and recovery. They will be able to spend time in the upper mezzanine, play Xbox and rest for the afternoon session. There will be lots of fun activities and games available for rest and recovery!

Interactive Workshops (new & adapted) - Coaches will deliver presentations that will focus on a specific part of the game, with players taking part in small group discussions and breakouts where they will then share their thoughts with the whole group.

Comments from Club Leader

I will never forget April's camp. It taught me that, we didn't come this far only to come this far. Our TEAMS worked so incredibly hard to deliver an event that I believe had such a huge impact on the players, our club and the key partners that we work with on a regular basis. It completed our vision that we set four years ago, to deliver junior coaching at all levels. I saw commitment and dedication from coaches and players, that I have never experienced before. This for me was the best experience I have had as manager of this truly special table tennis club. The best really is yet to come, and that is all thanks to our fantastic teams who invest so much time into making this club the outstanding place it is! I can't wait to see what the camp in June brings!

Cost, how to book and what's included?

Our camp is open and available to junior players of all ages and abilities. The full cost of the camp is £150 per person.

During the camp the following activities will be available and included in the cost of the camp:

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Warm up sessions to prepare for training
  • Five training sessions with several high level coaches
  • Cool down sessions
  • Multi ball drills
  • Independent training
  • Rest and Recovery activities in the Upper Mezzanine
  • Player feedback from Head Coach Christian Björklund
  • Interactive Workshops (new and adapted from the last camp)

Bookings can be made via the website - Please note that places are limited. 

Bookings Open Now!