About Us

We are Barnsley Table Tennis Club!

Barnsley Table Tennis Club officially opened in October 2018, and things have looked up ever since! We have an active over 50's bat & chat session running twice a week and our junior coaching division is thriving. A lot of work goes into the running of the club, from maintenance and repairs to office work and meetings, we are grateful to have an outstanding team that makes Barnsley Table Tennis Club the outstanding place that it is! 

Barnsley Table Tennis Club is based in Hope House Campus 1, based on Blucher Street. We have an amazing partnership with Hope House Church and we remain thankful to them for partnering with us on our journey! Through this partnership, we are able to provide some of the best table tennis facilities in Yorkshire! 

We are a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, working through many volunteer hours. It is thanks to our amazing team that we are able to provide facilities that are clean, up to date and ready to use, we are the only permanently set up table tennis club in Barnsley!  The club's main sports hall has four tables set up for general practice, three tables for match nights and eight tables for Junior Focus. We also have a separate room which has one table, with purpose laid flooring. 

We are proud to be the home venue for 90% of this seasons teams in the Barnsley Table Tennis League. The league takes place on several nights over the course of the week, providing competitive matches for all participants who take place. 

Barnsley FC Team
Barnsley FC Team

Our Aim 

"Barnsley Table Tennis Club aims to inspire everyone to carry a heart for table tennis, to have a desire to improve and a passion that allows them to be the best that they can be. We aim to do this within a positive community atmosphere that provides a feeling of belonging"

Ray Hurst at the World Championships
Ray Hurst at the World Championships

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide junior coaching at different levels, allowing children to progress and become the best that they can be, by providing sessions and activities that promote and encourage progression and friendship in the sport.  

Our Values





Our Statement of Excellence

Barnsley TTC is a place of excellent people!

Barnsley TTC is a place of excellent personalities!

Barnsley TTC is a place of excellent friendships!

Barnsley TTC exists to provide excellent coaching, teaching and social opportunities!

We have excellent attitudes!

Excellence is what we strive for!

Meet the Team 

Joe Race 

Club Leader, Coach, DSL 

Joe has grown up through Barnsley Table Tennis and now undertakes the leadership of the club and its Junior division. Joe is a Level 1 Session Coach. 

John Race

Maintenance, Assistant Coach  

John has been a part of table tennis in Barnsley for many years. He undertakes most of the building maintenance and upkeep. John also coaches at our Junior Focus sessions. 

Raymond Hurst


The core of Barnsley Table Tennis for many years. Ray plays a major role on the committee in making key decisions on the running of the club. 

Colin Jones


Colin has recently stepped into the Trustee role and is a valued member of the team, providing insight and discussion at board meetings.

Geoff Harris

 Treasurer, Trustee

Geoff started playing at Barnsley Table Tennis in 2017 and is a key part of the running of the club, doing all accounts and managing finances. 

Thomas Clough


Tom is a key part of both our Barnsley A junior team and coaching team. He supports the running of our Junior Focus sessions and he's a level 1 Session Coach

Our Partners

Barnsley Table Tennis Club remains thankful to those who partner and work with us. They play a key part as we continue to deliver our club aim of inspiring everyone to carry a heart for table tennis. 

Hope House Church - www.hopehousechurch.org.uk

What's Your Move - www.barnsleywhatsyourmove.co.uk 

Table Tennis England - www.tabletennisengland.co.uk

Trinity Academy St Edwards - www.stedwards.trinitymat.org

Darius Knight - www.dariusknight.com

 We are proud to serve our #OutstandingCommunity