Barnsley TTC Juniors Excelling


Barnsley Table Tennis Club's junior coaching section continues to see growth and improvement across all age groups, thanks to our dedicated team of coaches and assistants. Ian Denton and Joe Race head up the junior section at Barnsley TTC, along with invaluable assistance from John Race, Thomas Clough and Ben Jackson. We have eight teams who play in the Junior Table Tennis League at the English Institute of Sport, with two teams playing in each division. Last season we won Division 2 and came runners up in Division 1 and we're heading for another strong finish this season. The league is a great opportunity for our new players to put what they learn into practice. 

It's clear to see that our players are making massive improvements, no matter what tasks we set, they always work hard and confidence seems to be really high across the board at the minute. Everyone seems to be enjoying the sessions no matter how arduous they are. We're really proud of all our players and really hope to see the efforts and dedication continue into the weeks and months ahead. 

We are currently in the process of arranging another training session at the English Institute of Sport, once we have more details of this we will pass them on, as the last one that we did was a huge success! 

Big Shout Outs

Ian and Joe would like to give a big shout out to Hari, Joseph and Adam, who attend up to four sessions per week. Your hard work and dedication doesn't go a miss and we are really pleased with the huge improvements that you've all made in the short amount of time that you've been here. Keep working hard! 

Joe would like to give a big shout out to Connor and Max, who recently started attending Barnsley TTC's beginners session on a Tuesday. They are both showing a huge passion for the sport and are a credit to the club, we know them as Ant and Dec because of their humour!

Joe would also like to give a big shout out to Mr Allen, Mr Wilson and other staff members at Trinity Academy St Edward's who make the TASE Involve sessions work. We have a great partnership with the school, and we remain thankful for our partnership.

Another big shout from the whole coaching team goes to Oscar and Zunaira for qualifying for the National School Championships in Wolverhampton later this month, they both played outstanding at the qualifying tournaments and were a credit to their schools and us.