Barnsley Junior Table Tennis Championship 2023 Report


This year we hosted our first ever Junior Table Tennis Championship at Barnsley Table Tennis Club. The competition took place on Saturday 20th May. We hosted under 13's, under 15's and under 19's categories, with progression into knockouts for the top two from each group. The event was run really well and we can't wait to do it again next year. 

Under 13's

Group 1 - Reign A (S1), William W, Zunaira C, Ouss H, James W, Max M

Group 1 Winner - William W

Group 1 Runner Up - Reign A 

Group 2 - Vlad G (S2), Jake S, Joseph L, Mckenzie P, Sebastian R, Nicholas R

Group 2 Winner - Jake S 

Group 2 Runner Up - Sebastian R 

William W and Jake S met in the final of the under 13's and they took part in a four set battle which saw Jake take the first set 11-9 and then the second 11-5. William then fought back in the third set winning 11-9 however, Jake proved to be too strong and took the fourth set 11-7, winning his first title. Both players put on a great show in the final! 

Under 15's 

Group 1 - Joseph B (S1), Oscar O, Vlag G, Reign A, Jake S, Connor S 

Group 1 Winner - Joseph B (S1)

Group 1 Runner Up - Jake S 

Group 2 - Adam L (S2), Hari H, William W, Theo H, Joseph L, Sebastian R

Group 2 Winner - Hari H 

Group 2 Runner Up - William W 

Joseph B and Jake S played in the final of the under 15's, with Jake taking place in his second final of the day. This was the second time that they met at the championship, with Joseph winning the first encounter 2-1. Joseph proved to be too strong for Jake in the final, winning 11-5, 11-9, 11-6.

Under 19's

Group 1 - Thomas C (S1), Joseph B, Oscar O, Hari H 

Group 1 Winner - Thomas C

Group 1 Runner Up - Joseph B

Group 2 - Jayden K-T (S2), Dylan R, Adam L, Connor S

Group 2 Winner - Jayden K-T

Group 2 Runner Up - Dylan R 

Thomas C and Jayden K-T met in a final for the second time of the 2022/23 season, with them both previously meeting at the English Institute of Sport. As usual, there were lots of breathtaking rallies and points throughout the match. It was a pleasure to watch such an entertaining match. Thomas won his second under 19's title of the season, winning the game 3-0. 

The whole coaching team are so proud of everyone who competed in the championships, we are already looking forward to next years event, where we are hoping for even more entries and more great games of table tennis!