Barnsley Cadets Shine in Huddersfield


We had a strong day of results in Huddersfield. Barnsley 1 consisted of Vlad G, Connor S and Sebastian R. 

Barnsley 1 started the day against Blitz 2. Sebastian was up first as he played Elliott H. Seb started off strongly taking the first two sets 11-4. A little wobble in the first set where he lost 11-7 didn't stop him from winning the match 3-1. Connor then came up against Reuben D, this isn't the first time these two have met! Connor played some fantastic table tennis in his opening game, seeing the first set go in his favour. As the match continued, Reuben took remaining three sets as his confidence grew. 3-1 to Reuben and 1-1 overall. From there, it was plan sailing for the boys, as Vlad took the next game to Oliver, claiming a comfortable 3-0 win. Seb then followed suit, producing the same scoreline against Reuben in a strong performance for him. The remaining two matches saw Vlad and Connor win 3-1, giving a comfortable win over Blitz. 

Result - Barnsley 5-1 Blitz 

Game two saw Barnsley going head to head against Ackworth. Connor played Yat Shun in the first match where he won the first two sets 12-14 and 7-11. Yat Shun played some good table tennis in the following two sets to take the game to a deciding fifth set, where Connor dug deap and managed a convincing 12-10 win. The next three matches for Seb and Vlad were plain sailing, as they claimed comfortable 3-0 wins over James and Yat Shun. Connor came up against James in the fifth set, where he took a good 2-0 lead. After a change of tide, James picked up some good forehands and managed to claim the match 3-2. The final match saw Vlad take on Will F for the first time. Will proved too strong and took a 3-0 win for Ackworth. A tough end but that didn't stop a second win for us.

Result - Barnsley 4-2 Ackworth

Our third match was Draycott, who played three promising girls in their team. Sebastian was up first as he took on Isabelle. After an 11-9 loss in the first set, Seb grew in confidence and executed several terrific forehand open ups! A contrast to a hesitant first set. 3-1 Sebastian. The next match saw Connor take on Sophie in a 3-0 win where he was able to think about his shots and third ball attack a little more, 3-0 Connor. Vlad then went into a tough game against Amelia, where he really had to work for the win. It was back and fourth all the way to the fifth set, where Vlad eventually won 11-5. Vlad played some great table tennis, with several outstanding shots down the line! All three players went into their remaining matches picking up wins and giving us a comfortable win over Draycott. 

Result - Barnsley 6-0 Draycott

The last match of the day saw the top two sides go head-to-head in a game that we had been thinking about all day. Connor was up first and looking for a strong start against a good Goodwin side. He took on Oscar and managed the first two sets 11-8 and 15-13. Connor played some fantastic table tennis in the third set, however it just wasn't enough as he lost that set 11-9. Following this he went into the fourth set determined to get the first win of the match and he did just that. Some fantastic topspins proved to be too much, giving Connor a 3-1 win. Seb was up next against Kalub. A very nervous first set saw an 11-6 loss for Seb. Following this Seb picked up the following three sets comfortably giving him a 3-1 win. Vlad's game with Keira was a so close throughout. He was made to work for every point by Keira, however her valiant efforts just proved too short, as Vlad won 3-1. Seb then picked up a convincing 3-0 win over Oscar guaranteeing the win for Barnsley. Connor then went head to head with Keira and proved too hot to handle, a comfortable 3-0 win for Connor. The final game of the day saw a five set thriller between Vlad and Kalub, where they both played some fantastic points. Kalub showed good character at the end of a long day and managed to claim the match 3-2. A very convincing day for us, as we finish top of the division following a long day of fantastic table tennis. 

Result - Barnsley 5-1 Goodwin